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Have faith in Allah, but tether your camel

Tethered Camel

(photo: Itir Sonuparlak via Creative Commons license)

Notebook Entry: 20 May 2013

“Have faith in Allah, but tether your camel.” Mufidah said this earlier today in response to my recalling what Kate’s mother, Stella, had expressed during her visit here about that wonderful feeling when traveling of things finally coming together after so much having been up in the air.

What Mufidah and I call opening to the universe — feeling the fear of the unknown but staying calm, knowing that so much works out in the end if only you can continue to trust in the unfolding of events in their own time. Put forth the intentions, do what one can, and then let go, have patience, stay flexible, and continue to respond to what does come, setting forth myriad possibilities in case the first few don’t take seed. That combination of intentionality, creative endeavoring, seed planting, and patience open up whole new worlds. Read more