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I write, take photographs and travel for the same reason —
to witness the world within and without, to pay attention to the details of my life,
and to reflect back the truth of my own experience.

Charroux, France © 2013 Sean M. Madden

Charroux, France © 2013 Sean M. Madden

What do I look for in a picture, and why do I take the time to capture images with pixels?

While living in Sussex, I took a great deal of landscapes — wide-horizon shots of the South Downs, of the nearby valleys, woods and streams, and of the seafront, say, at Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings or Seaford. These and close-in shots of flowers, like the paintbrush crocuses loaded with vibrant colors as they sprang from the just-thawed soil of early spring.

Living in France throughout the Summer of 2012, I took pictures of in-town places and public spaces of Vichy, Paris and Lille, and of spots less frequented, like Charroux, Monbazillac and across the Dordogne River Valley. And in Burgos, Spain (see below) my photographs were of two sorts — half-landscape, half-architectural, on the one hand, and tight-in shots which capture, in some small way, the essence of this ancient city.

In short, my art flows in large part from my surroundings. I look for beauty, for symmetry, or for that tiny detail — sometimes aesthetic, other times gritty — that many walk past but never stop to notice. I look for the extraordinary in the seemingly mundane.

Burgos² — Book of Instagram PhotographsIn December 2013, my partner Mufidah Kassalias and I published Burgos², a book of 367 (selected from 1,400+) of our acclaimed Instagram photographs taken while living in Burgos, Spain, between September 2012 and April 2013. We were profiled in the Sunday, 25 November 2012 edition of the Diario de Burgos newspaper as a result of the hundreds of Instagram photos we’d then shot in and around Burgos with our respective iPhones. A follow-up article was published exactly a year later, on 25 November 2013, leading up to our launch of Burgos².

Diario © 2013 Sean M. Madden

Diario © 2013 Sean M. Madden

My photographs have also appeared in Viva Lewes and the Kent & Sussex Courier, both in the South East of England, and feature regularly on websites, worldwide. Others were exhibited during Artwave 2011 — in an exhibition entitled “Witnessing the World Within and Without: Photographic & Poetic Musings” — with brief creative responses written for each photograph.

In addition to my websites — and Mindful Living Guide — you can also view my photography via Instagram and Flickr.