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Raining Cats and Dogs in Sussex

Mufidah and I finished up our house- and cat-sit in Surrey yesterday, and are now in our old stamping grounds of East Sussex, very near to the village where I’ve spent much time over the course of 24 years, and lived altogether for five-plus years.



Where we had been caring for a solitary seven-month-old cat in Surrey, it’s now raining cats and dogs here in Sussex. Two Jack Russell terriers, an elderly border collie who still loves to play ball, and three cats, one of which, Tigger, is pictured above.

Upon arriving here yesterday afternoon, our hosts took us for a walk into the woods and fields behind their house. As I just wrote to our hosts back in Surrey:

The place here is lovely. Incredibly quiet, very familiar Wealden landscapes within which I’ve spent so much time walking, meditating, exploring. Feels like home in a way.

Particularly those woods and fields, the former through which runs an iron-red stream very much like the one I would walk across nearly every day while out on long, quiet walks which nourished my soul during difficult times and inspired me day in and day out, regardless. That valley was sacred to me and taught me much. And so it feels good to be in the Weald again, in similar environs.

We’re looking forward to our two weeks here, caring for our new dog and cat friends, going with them for long walks (one of the cats joined us yesterday for much of the walk, trotting from behind to keep up with the dogs), and getting on with much work which needs doing, both business-wise and in terms of preparing for our departure to Berlin in May.

This afternoon we’re heading towards another spot in East Sussex, the Brighton Racecourse, to spend a couple of hours with a dear friend whom we’ve not seen for far too long. Therefore, I must leave off here, post this, and quickly tally-ho towards the coast.


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