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Bicycling, Bagels & Kebabs in Berlin

Tiergarten Ferris Wheel, Berlin

Tiergarten Ferris Wheel, Berlin © 2014 Sean M. Madden

Yesterday, we planned to bicycle to Shakespeare & Sons in Friedrichshainnot to browse or buy books, but to sample the delights at Fine Bagels, located within the bookshop.

Having grown up in the Northeast, twenty miles south of Boston, I’ve been a lover of good, fresh-baked bagels since I was a wee lad. One of my early memories is driving with my mother to a Jewish bakery in the nearby town where my sister’s swim team trained in the ridiculously early hours each morning. It was St. Patrick’s Day, and so, naturally, there were green bagels on offer. I thought that was a most splendiferous thing. But scarcely had I indulged in this rather Dr. Seussish affair when I threw it all up. It might have been that I’d come down with the flu, or perhaps green food coloring and bagels just don’t Read more

Summer in Berlin and Beyond

Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus, Berlin

Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus, Berlin © 2014 Sean M. Madden

Mufidah and I arrived in Berlin one month ago today. We also crossed into the third straight year of our slow travels on 16 May, while preparing to ferry to France on the 21st.

But while the first of our three months house-sitting in Berlin this summer is now behind us, I’ve yet to publish a blog post here or on my Mindful Living Guide blog. In short, this dearth of posts comes out of our being simultaneously busy with our work, nearly as busy with our daily explorations of Berlin and the surrounding area, and our both feeling the need to simply rest after all we had to manage during our seven weeks back in England this past Read more

When and the Art of Automotive Maintenance: An Inquiry into the Unknown

Punto leaving Nice for Italy

Punto leaving Nice for Italy © 2014 Sean M. Madden

As regular readers of this or my other blog know, Mufidah and I have been slow traveling for the past two years in our ’98 Fiat Punto for which I paid just £150 in 2009.

The car has carried us all around England, Scotland, Wales, France, Spain, Italy and through both the Italian and Swiss Alps to Lucerne without a single glitch. Apart from a bit of welding on the underside of the car to deal with rust which caused the Punto to fail the annual MOT on a few occasions, and oil changes that I do myself, we’ve done little else to the car.

I’m constantly checking the oil, brake fluid and coolant levels, as well as making Read more